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Dorflinger Glass Museum
Dorflinger, founded in 1865 made lamp chimneys and other utilitarian glass objects and by 1868, was producing fine art. Dorflinger glass was ordered of the White House from the Lincoln administration through the Wilson administration and is still being used in the White House today. Visitors will see over seven hundred pieces of cut, etched, engraved, and gilded glass produced by famed glassmaker Christian Dorflinger and his company displayed in a new museum attached to Dorflinger's 1850 farmhouse.

PO Box 356 White Mills , PA 18473
Phone: 570-253-1185 | Fax: 570-253-5196
Web Site: http://www.dorflinger.org
E-mail: suydam@ptd.net


Honesdale Walking Tours
Named after Phillip Hone, former Mayor of New York and president of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company. Honesdale was laid out in 1826 and was originally known as Dybery Forks. The town was incorporated in 1831. The main purpose for existence was to have a terminal for canal barges that carried coal to New York City markets. At one time Honesdale had the largest stockpile of coal in the world.

Main Street Honesdale , PA 18431
Phone: 570-253-1960
Web Site: http://honesdaleonline.com/


Jacob Stroud Corporation
Downtown Stroudsburg. Your destination for everything from distinctive dining to fine arts. Dazzling shopping to every little down right doohickey. Downtown Stroudsburg. A distinctly different place.

10 North 7th Street Stroudsburg , PA 18360
Phone: 570-424-9131
Web Site: http://www.stroudsburg.net
E-mail: stroudsburg@stroudsburg.net


Pocono Arts Council
The Pocono Arts Council supports the arts and culture by hosting exhibits, festivals, and educational programs.

18 North 7th St Stroudsburg , PA 18360
Phone: 570-476-4460 | Fax: 570-426-7293
Web Site: http://www.poconoarts.org
E-mail: mcac@epix.net


Sherman Theater
Historic downtown theater featuring live music, art, and plays. Showcasing local and national talent. Available for private events, screenings, parties, etc.

524 Main Street Stroudsburg , PA 18360
Phone: 570-420-2808
Web Site: http://beta.asoundstrategy.com/shermantheater/
E-mail: info@shermantheater.com


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